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Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Enchanted Forest Store

My Craft and arts have finally found a perfect place to be sold!

This store is called The Enchanted Forest.

It's the cutest little store in Taiga's School, Honolulu Waldorf School.

Enchanted Forest carries One of a kind Toys, which you see in no other stores.

Mostly handmade, natural material, Waldorf style toys.

I took a photo of the store, where my crafts are displayed.

I hope you can come visit one day!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Felting my life away

Now that my stuff is sold at Enchanted Forest Store, which is my son's school in Niu Valley, Honolulu,
I have decided to join the Art Show, which Honolulu Waldorf had as an event last Friday.

It was lots of fun evening, I was amazed of all the talent of Faculty and parent of Waldorf School.

For this show, I was felting my life away, I just recently decided that I like felting best, out of all the
things I was making, ( knitting animals, paintings and mix media photo things, etc... )

I made another bunny which will be joined by a baby bunny soon, Hula Girl and little fairy hanging piece.
Little strawberry boy was made out of felt too, I spend hours trying to sew it by machine, but found out
you can only do this by hand. I enjoyed hand stitching, I was surprised to that, because I used to hate to.

I guess over the years people do change...

My son, Taiga and his whole class had a chance to dance in Iolani Palace!
It was a such a honor... who would of thought that?!
They did a great job! Thanks to Aunty Kilohana who has taught them to dance
and gave them an opportunity!