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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cutie Dogs

I love dogs! I love dogs! I love dogs!

My girl friend has moved to New zealand...
She asked me to dog-sit her golden retriever mix, Abby.

She is such a beautiful dog.

We had a Farewell Yakitori ( Japanese style barbeque skewed chicken )
party for her, guest included cute Chihuahua , Maaya and Lucky.

My girl friend ask me to make a stuffed animal for her daughter,
of Knuffle Bunny. I was not aware of it, but it seems to be a big hit
story book character among the little ones.

I showed it to my son, he said " Mama, I loved knuffle bunny when I was first grade!
did you know it was lime green?" I was in shock . yes, my knuffle bunny was white.
I researched it on line, it looked kind of cream color to me.
He also said, "mom, you can tell her that this is a special white color one just for her,
but as you know Kindergardeners can be very difficult. She might says
it's not knuffle bunny....."
When I emailed her mom with the white version photo attachment, she said
" it's beautiful, I am sure my daughter will love it, she likes white,
more then green anyway. She will have one and only White Knuffle Bunny!
How lucky can she be?!" I know she is so sweet that she doesn't have a heart to tell me
" Oh, can you make another one?"