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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Arts

My new creation is wool felt art call Alice in Wonderland. I love the world of Alice, live in little world or imagination or is it the real world?
The material I use is 100% Wool. I needle felted to hand dyed felt back ground.
This time I placed it inside the photo frame, so you can stand it everywhere.

Alice with Caterpillar will on sale in Sugarcane shop in Kaimuki, Honolulu HI
1137 11th Ave, #101 ( 808 ) 739-2263

Thursday, April 15, 2010

My husband took a long waited vacation to Lanai Island.
( although we live in Hawaii).
He didn't take any vacation last year.
I can't believe some people can keep on going without it.
Well, may be because we are living in Hawaii.

We just love Lanai Island and kept going back there.
Golf course is awesome.
Four Season Hotel has superior services, which makes you feel as
very important guest.
They have many complimentary service.
Their Sauna is complimentary to the guest, snorkels and Fins, Lemon Water, Lemonade,
Beach and Pool deck chair with or without shades which includes towel setting, sometimes they come around with ice candy, face spray service for refreshing, cold and hot towels, even a suntan lotion!
In Waikiki, you have to pay everything! So when I consider this service, room rate is not bad at all. Let's say you borrowed snorkels and fins and vest for $20.00 for an hour. and you have 4 family member. ... or if you keep have to buying battle of water for $2.75 a battle ( Hotel price )
for all your family member.
This is the one of the many reason we are going back there...
Especially if you are Kamaaina, ( Hawaii Residents) will get special room rate!

Our Number 1 reason we are going back there is, Four Season Hotel is one of the few pet friendly hotels in Hawaii. so we travel with Anni, 4 lb. Chihuahua.
Of course, your pet has to be obedient, can't growl or bark to children and stuff,
or can't bark in the room.
She must be bag trained, so incase of many difficult situation ( air travel) ,
your puppy must go inside the bag and keep calm.
But if your dog is trained, it's so much fun to travel with them!

There is so many turkeys in Lanai. It's fun to watch them !
Makimouse #5 also traveled along~ See more MakiMouse on my website!